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Laser processes

Laser-Processes I

In the experimental research ultra short pulsed laser processes are focused.  As a main application the machining of tools is addressed.  The well equipped laboratory with ns- and ps-lasers allows the machining of many common and exotic materials.


Laser-Processes II

Besides the laser machining of tools with geometrically undefined cutting edges also cutting inserts and small tools made from ultra hard materials are manufactured.


Simulation of Laser-Processes

For a better understanding of the physics of an ultra short puls laser process a mathematical modelling and simulation is used.


Laser-Processes III

Turbine blades, dough hooks, digging tooth etc. can be coated partially or totally with a wear resistant layer (e.g. cobalt based material) by the laser cladding process. The goal is a small coating layer and in addition a small dilution.


Laser-Processes IV

Compared to the two dimensionally laser cladding process it is possible to built up three dimensionally objects by the so named laser-DMD (Direct Metal Deposition) process. The built up rate with the used CO2 –laser is >= 4 kg/h.


Laser-Processes V

By means of the laser cladding modell the built up process of the protection layer can be predicted depending different machine- and laser parameter. Thereby a fundamental process understanding will be gained and in addition the time consuming evaluation of suitable process windows can be reduced.

The efficiency and the thermal integrity of high power gas turbines can be improved by cooling of the turbine blades. Therefor cooling air holes are drilled into the blades. The challenge for this process are once the difficult to machine material (nickel based steels) and the flat-angle of the bores to the surface. The EDM-drilling process covers both demands.


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